African visa applicants lose $60.5 million in 2023 due to rejections

(Ecofin Agency) – African and Asian applicants accounted for 90% of the global costs of Schengen visa refusals in 2023, a figure that will increase by 12.5% ​​as application rates rise from 80 to 90 euros.

In 2023, SchengenVisainfo reported that 704,000 visa applications from Africans were rejected, totaling approximately $60.5 million (€56.3 million) lost in fees paid to the European Union without refund. These fees, currently set at €80 per application, are non-refundable.

This amount constitutes 43% of global spending on visa applications. Morocco, the largest African applicant in 2023, received more than 410,000 negative responses, costing applicants €10.9 million. Algeria followed closely with more than 285,000 visa rejections.

In total, Schengen visa denials generated €130 million for European immigration services in 2023, up from €105 million in 2022, according to recent EU Observer statistics. These fares came predominantly from the African and Asian continents. Observers note that Africa, with its comparatively lower average income levels, suffers a significant impact.

With visa applications and rejections increasing, these figures are expected to rise further as application fees rise to 90 euros from June 11, 2024, according to a new EU directive.