Jelena Dokic attacks shamers after being questioned about losing 20 kg

Australian tennis great Jelena Dokic has once again attacked online trolls, who this time have criticized her for losing weight.

Dokic, a former world No. 4 and Wimbledon semi-finalist, has never been afraid to call out his critics.

She has faced an ongoing battle against body shaming, especially online, but her mission is to support body image acceptance in others.

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The 41-year-old, who has just wrapped up her commentating commitments at the French Open, revealed that she recently lost 20kg from her heaviest weight last year.

She attributed her weight loss to healthier eating, but felt compelled to speak out after people shamed her for succumbing to “diet culture” and “no longer representing plus-size people.”

Dokic is a strong advocate for body image. Dokic is a strong advocate for body image.
Dokic is a strong advocate for body image. Credit: Getty Images for Tennis Australia

“It’s not good if you gain weight or lose weight. It seems like it’s not good if you’re a size 0, 10, or 18,” she wrote in a lengthy post.

“You all know that I am very open and honest. Whether I gain weight, lose weight, get depressed, feel good, go through good or bad. I am always honest about both parties.

“So I thought I’d quickly address my recent weight loss because a few people wrote to me and commented too. I have lost 20 kilos since my heaviest weight last year.

“I had some health problems but I also wanted to be healthier and fitter and when I turned 40 last year I really started to think about my family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.

“Also, my work has increased dramatically and I needed to be in better physical and mental shape and have more energy.

“I didn’t have enough energy, especially mentally, to keep up. She needed to eat healthier to achieve this.

“So I didn’t focus so much on the weight, but rather on making better decisions to feel my best. With that, the weight started to come off.”

While a healthier lifestyle is often celebrated, Dokic went on to say that she was still being judged.

“Now that some people have already jumped on the judgment and shaming bandwagon over my weight loss and said that I have succumbed to ‘diet culture’ and that I no longer represent plus size people, please don’t don’t even go to that.” She continued.

“Being healthier and doing what is best for me has nothing to do with it and I have always advocated for both size 0 and size 20 people and especially women.

“It was always about not judging, shaming and bullying people regardless of their weight and size and instead highlighting that it is kindness that matters, not our size.

“So, even if I lost 20 kilos, that doesn’t change anything.”

Dokic added that “I will always be proud of myself and will not hide or be ashamed, no matter my size.”

“And I will always be against body shaming and valuing people based on their size and weight, regardless of whether I gain or lose a few pounds and clothing sizes.”

“Always against body shaming no matter what.”

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