Andretti announces big signing for Formula One despite rejection

Andretti Global has confirmed the signing of former Formula 1 technical director Pat Symonds, despite his recent refusal to join the Formula One grid in 2025/2026.

Symonds, who is concluding his tenure as Formula 1 technical director, will bring his extensive experience to Andretti Cadillac as an executive engineering consultant. This transition follows his “gardening leave,” marking a new chapter in his illustrious career, which has been distinguished by innovations and advancements in racing technology. During his time in Formula 1, Symonds was instrumental in spearheading important projects, including the introduction of ground effect vehicles in the 2022 season. Andretti shared on social media:

“We are pleased to announce that British motorsport technical expert Pat Symonds will join the Andretti Cadillac team as it seeks to enter the FIA ​​Formula One World Championship.

“Symonds, who most recently worked as Formula One Technical Director, will officially join the team at the new Silverstone base of operations at the end of his gardening leave from Formula One Management.”

Furthermore, his participation in the formulation of the Formula One regulations for 2026 was fundamental. These upcoming regulations emphasize sustainable practices, such as using sustainably sourced fuels and reducing vehicle downforce.

His move to Andretti Cadillac is particularly noteworthy as it follows a period in which Andretti’s prospects of joining the Formula One grid faced challenges, including a formal rejection by Formula One Management in late January. Landing a figure of Symonds’ caliber highlights the team’s determination to move forward and comes after the opening of the American team’s headquarters at Silverstone.

Andretti has pressed ahead with his hopes of joining the Formula One grid and signing Symonds is certainly a good sign for the team. During an interview with Sports Illustrated in April, Mario Andretti teased some big signings and commented:

“We have never stopped working from the beginning. We already have a car and a wind tunnel and so on. Right now the goal is to be online in 2026.

“There are so many key elements here that will be defined once we have a total ‘Okay.’ Because even the staff, very experienced people who want to join us and we have to have a positive “yes” that we are going to go before we obviously extend a contract.

“Once we get the ‘ok,’ we don’t start from scratch. “We are already on our way.”