South African countries urged to raise $5.5 billion to fight drought

By Alimat Aliyeva

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has launched an appeal to raise $5.5 billion to combat the effects of the drought.
Azernews reports.

“The summit noted that the impact of the El Niño climate phenomenon has caused droughts and floods. The summit issued a regional humanitarian appeal to raise at least $5.5 billion to increase the capacity of SADC member countries to respond to the challenges of El Niño.” says the publication.

Participants in the meeting also reviewed the latest data on the climate in the region and its impact on socioeconomic development, including prices of essential products, and called on member countries of the organization to create favorable conditions for producers of food ensure the supply of cereals and vegetables.

According to community experts, the consequences of the natural phenomenon of El Niño have negatively affected the lives of 61 million people.

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