More options for cash-strapped consumers – Astral Foods to test canned chicken product – Business

Astral Foods, South Africa’s largest poultry producer, said it is studying the possibility of creating a canned chicken product that is an alternative or rival to sardine and sardine products.

Astral Foods CEO Chris Schutte said at a news conference Monday that the canned chicken product is still in its infancy and the company is planning a trial.

The company said they do not plan to create a specific manufacturing facility for the product, but would use a third-party packager.

Astral Foods said it would look to create a canned chicken product to rival the 410g canned fish.

Fishery products take over

The Competition Commission’s 2024 essential food price monitoring report said in May that South African consumers are choosing more canned sardine products as their preferred protein option.

“While chicken remains South Africa’s favorite protein source, canned sardines have gained renewed popularity as consumers adjust their food spending in response to the rising cost of living and the effects of load shedding on their capacity to store perishable foods,” the report says. .

This popularity can be seen in the sales figures of the listed canned sardine producers, Oceana (owner of Lucky Star) and Premier Fishing.

Lucky Star’s sales volumes grew 9% in local and export markets, increasing from 8.8 million cases in fiscal 2022 to 9.6 million in fiscal 2023.

Premier said it increased its sales of sardine products by 59%, rising from 1,174 tonnes in fiscal 2021 to 1,866 tonnes in fiscal 2022.

The report added that compared to other proteins, canned sardines are not the most affordable source of protein and each gram of protein cost R1.12 in December 2023.

Affordable proteins

According to the report, the most affordable protein in South Africa is dried beans at R0.32 per gram of protein.

This is followed by eggs at R0.48 per gram of protein and individually quick frozen (IQF) chicken at R0.91 per gram of protein.

Beef is the most expensive source of protein: R2.81 per gram of protein.

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