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Sathyaraj recently addressed rumors about his involvement in an upcoming biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sathyaraj in weaponSathyaraj in Weapon.

Actor Sathyaraj, best known for his iconic role of Kattappa in the Baahubali films, recently addressed rumors about his involvement in an upcoming film. biographical film about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was said that the veteran actor plays the role of Prime Minister Modi. During a candid interaction with a Tamil website, Sathyaraj provided clarity on speculations that have abounded within the film industry and among its fans.

In the interview with Minnambalam, Sathyaraj said, “The news that I am acting in Prime Minister Modi’s biopic is news even for me. No one has approached me to play PM Modi in the film. “People spread random news on social media.”

He added: “Back then, newspapers used to publish stories like ‘Yong Woman Murdered… Is It Over Illicit Relationship?’ Likewise, social media has become a place for such absurd rumors.”

Sathyaraj, a vocal Periyarist, has stated many times that he would not act in a film with anti-Periyarist ideologies. Therefore, the rumors Many wondered how Sathyaraj would have agreed to play Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the biopic.

Sathyaraj is currently awaiting the release of his upcoming film Weapon. He plays the role of a superhuman in the film. The trailer of the film, which also stars Rajiv Menon and Vasanth Ravi, has piqued the interest of fans. Arma will be released in theaters on May 23.

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Earlier, Omung Kumar made a biopic of Prime Minister Modi with Vivek Oberoi playing the lead role. The film delved into Modi’s rise from his humble beginnings to his current status as Prime Minister.

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