Ethiopia: Addis celebrates 61st anniversary of Africa Day

The Ministry of Defense yesterday celebrated the 61st Africa Day under the theme “Africa together, free, prosperous and united.”

In his opening speech, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Military Cooperation, Major General Teshome Gemechu, said Africa is a continent free of colonialism, racism and apartheid thanks to the enormous sacrifice made by its citizens.

“The main objective of the celebration is to address African challenges by sharing experiences and working together under Pan-Africanism. This is the day when we Africans renew our promises to be more united and work hard to realize our vision in the challenging global environment” . He noticed.

As for him, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the current African Union (AU), played a magnificent role in promoting solidarity and pan-Africanism and in building unity to work together for a common destiny in the dynamic global environment.

The Director-General further stated that Pan-Africanism is a crucial tool in realizing the vision of creating a peaceful, strong, prosperous and united Africa. Furthermore, Pan-Africanism to address security crises and achieve lasting peace for its own potential: “African solution to African problems.”

For his part, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Jemaludin Mustafa, stated that today’s Africa is the result of many sacrifices, especially those made in the fight against colonialism.

He added that the Adwa victory was the first triumph over colonial power that Africans achieved.

“The transformation of the OAU into the AU is the goal of achieving a better place and not compromising the rule of law, democracy, respect for human rights, ensuring the empowerment of women and similar things across the African continent,” he stressed.

Defense Attaché of the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Addis Ababa, Brigadier General Abubakarr Contiey, said that “celebrating the Day is very important to boost Pan-Africanism, which should be the oxygen of the African continent and the means for a collective approach “.

In addition, it was learned that participants from several African countries discussed and shared experiences and the way forward in collective action for a common goal.