The media are considered key actors in driving innovation

Dar es Salaam. The Tanzanian media’s ability to inform, engage and inspire makes it an indispensable tool for driving progress in innovation, science and technology, analysts have said.

This was highlighted yesterday during a media symposium as part of the ‘Innovation Week’ commemoration organized by the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).

During a keynote address, Mwananchi Communication Limited (MCL) CEO Bakari Machumu said efforts to drive innovation must be deliberate and interconnected, involving the media from the beginning.

He highlighted the critical role of the media in fostering innovation by recognizing its national importance, leveraging content creation, promoting initiatives and forging partnerships to expand journalistic coverage.

“By setting the agenda, creating explainers, producing practical stories and profiling discoveries, innovations and individuals, the media can play a transformative role,” Machumu said.

This is the 10th edition of Tanzania Innovation Week, which will include various activities such as exhibitions, workshops, conferences, policy dialogues, product and project launches, virtual events, and radio and television programs on innovation, just to name a few. .

Costech CEO Dr Amos Nungu said the symposium kicks off innovation week, which will end on May 24 and will have the theme “Innovation for a competitive economy”.

“Through Innovation Week, we aim to raise awareness and stimulate discussions that are essential to driving innovation,” said Dr Nungu.

Director of science, technology and innovation at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ladislaus Mnyone, called for collaboration between stakeholders to boost innovation efforts. “One of the measures that the government has implemented includes changes in education policy, the main objective of which is to ensure that we produce an informed, skilled and creative workforce in line with not only national but also regional and international objectives,” he said. .

“We are also focusing on vocational training to ensure we produce young people who are not only employable but also capable of being self-employed and employing others,” he added.

Mnyone said the basis of changes in science and technology comes from adequate human resources.

“Therefore, if you look at the new policy and curriculum that we have been working on, its objective is to train human resources that generate positive changes in science and technology,” he said.