ZANU PF youth leader suspended for refusing to chant ‘ED 2030’ slogan

The NewsHawks quoted sources as saying that the charges against Mambondiyani arise from a ZANU PF national executive meeting on May 9 in which he refused to chant slogans in support of extending Mnangagwa’s term beyond the constitutional limit of two five-year terms.

The national youth executive meeting was organized to co-opt eight members of the national executive.

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The appointments include the president’s son, Deputy Finance Minister Kudakwashe Mnangagwa, who was appointed deputy foreign secretary.

Other appointments include Deputy Minister of Sports, Arts, Recreation and Culture Emily Jesaya who was chosen as Undersecretary of Mines and Charles Munganasa as Undersecretary of Local Government.

Munganasa, a board member of the state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), was recently appointed acting chief executive of the company.

During the meeting, Mambondiyani was asked why he had not chanted slogans promoting the extension of Mnangagwa’s term beyond 2028, like everyone else did.

Mambondiyani had allegedly previously stated that Mnangagwa should hand over power to his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, once his term ends in 2028.

In a letter to Mambondiyani, ZANU PF youth legal affairs secretary Phineas Makombe wrote:

Please note that on Thursday, May 9, 2024, during the National Executive Council of the Youth League, you exhibited conduct unbecoming of a National Executive Member. Chapter 6, Article 38 (presentation of vacancies), section (554), establishes the conduct and manner of how co-options or vacancies will be presented in any party structure.

However, on the contrary, you yourself Cde Mambondiyani came with a bag supposedly full of money, addressed the Undersecretary of Youth Affairs Cde T Machakaire opened the bag in full view of the media and the National Executive Council and told him He gave Cde Paradza 200 United States dollars and Cde Machakaire US$100.

Furthermore, you publicly shouted “Vote for Cde Mambondiyani” for a certain vacant position in the National Executive Council of the Youth League, before and during the meeting.

Past conduct in view of the media implies that vacancies or party positions can be acquired through vote buying; These actions also ignore the constitutional provisions established in Chapter 6, Articles 38 sec (550) (6).

Chanting your name yourself during the main meeting and in a disrespectful manner is consistent with Chapter (6) Article (38) sec (550) (9), while this refers to Article 37 sec 549 (8) (11).

In view of the above charges, you are hereby prohibited, in terms of Chapter (5), Article (36) sec (528), from acting on behalf of or as Undersecretary of Administration of the Executive Council of the National Youth League.

Please note that following the issuance of this Prohibition Order, your matter will be directed to the National Disciplinary Committee for further action and guidance.

A ZANU PF expert said Mambondiyani’s real crime is his opposition to the 2030 plan.

Reports claim that when Chiwenga and Mnangagwa ousted the late former president Robert Mugabe in 2017, their agreement was that Mnangagwa would serve one term and leave in 2023 for Chiwenga to take over.

Mnangagwa allegedly reneged on the deal and ran for a second term in 2023, and now wants to extend his government beyond 2028 to 2030.

However, Chiwenga and his allies, such as Mambondiyani, oppose these plans.

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