Dalí returns to dock in Baltimore

He DaliThe container ship that caused the Francis Scott Key Bridge to collapse on March 26 returned to the Port of Baltimore on Monday.

The ship was refloated and slowly moved to port, arriving at 9 in the morning.

The ship will spend several weeks carrying out temporary repairs at the same marine terminal it occupied before beginning its disastrous voyage, and will then move to a shipyard in Norfolk for extensive repairs.

Baltimore officials anticipate the operating width of the main shipping channel to the US East Coast port will soon be 122m wide at a depth of 15.24m.

“This marks the resumption of commercial vessel transits in and out of the Port of Baltimore,” the Unified Command that oversees salvage operations said yesterday. “This truly marks the next chapter in restoring waterway commerce to this region, which also serves as an economic engine for thousands of workers and their families who rely on commerce that travels through the Port of Baltimore.”

The crew aboard the Dali They have not been able to leave the ship in the almost two months since the accident, they were even forced to remain on board while explosives were launched last week to remove part of the bridge housed in the bow of the ship.

The ship’s manager, Synergy Marine Group, provided an update on the crew’s status on Friday.

Synergy stated that the entire crew was in good health and “holding up well.”

The manager described what he had been doing to help people trapped on board. For example, when the FBI seized all crew phones on April 15, replacements were provided shortly thereafter. Other examples include the close monitoring of their physical and mental well-being, 24/7 counseling available, regular delivery of pre-prepared Indian food for the cook to rest, and the recent boarding of two crew members of additional coverage to share the increased workload. due to the number of visitors on board and allow more downtime.

“We hope that soon after the Dali is safely in a berth, the authorities will allow (the crew) to disembark so that we can organize their return home,” Synergy said in a statement.