Medikal reacts to the publication of Fella Makafui’s marriage confirmation

Medikal took to the comments section of an Instagram post by Fella’s manager and shared the press release.

He stated, “Since she says she doesn’t want this anymore, I’m just waiting for my ring and the drinks. “As long as they’re ready, I’ll be here.”

In his press release dated May 18, 2024, Fella confirmed the dissolution of their four-year marriage, explaining that the decision was made months earlier and that they were awaiting the usual divorce rites.

He also indicated his intention to take legal action to ensure his and his daughter’s safety and regulate co-parenting obligations with Medikal in accordance with the law.

Recently, Medikal aired a series of allegations against his ex-wife on social media.

He claimed that Fella, who still resides in their shared house, reported him to the police after he requested that his cousin, a long-time resident of their house, leave the premises.

The couple is currently embroiled in a custody battle over their home and their daughter.