ASUU issues two-month ultimatum to FG for withheld wages and others

The Academic Staff Union of Universities has given the Federal Government a two-month ultimatum to implement all its demands or else it will use all legitimate means, including invoking ‘no pay, no work’ to enforce the rules.

Speaking on Tuesday during a press conference held by the ASUU Lagos State Zone at the University of Lagos, the Zonal Coordinator, Adelaja Odukoya, said Nigeria was on the brink of collapse.

Over the years, ASUU has frequently resorted to prolonged strikes to pressure the FG to implement its numerous demands aimed at benefiting the university system and its teaching staff.

Unfortunately, despite the government’s promises to the union on numerous occasions, these promises are often not kept.

Some of the unfulfilled promises that the government made to ASUU were renegotiation of the 2009 FGN/ASUU agreement, non-release of withheld salaries and arrears in Earned Academic Allowances, inadequate funding of universities, proliferation of universities and misleading Personnel Integrations and Payroll. Information system.

He said: “At our last CNE meeting on May 11 and 12, held at Obafemi Awolowo University, we decided to give the government only two months to implement all our demands or else our union will rise mightily in defense of Nigerian public universities. . Nigeria is on the brink of collapse, and all parts of it are being dragged down by the kind of leaders who control its political and administrative spheres.

“It goes without saying that our great and patriotic union will not cede a single square centimeter of territory to the grasshoppers who want to destroy our country, whose sole objective is the arrogant accumulation of illegal wealth.”

Odukoya narrated that ASUU would not sit back and watch public universities being destroyed by politicians who prioritize themselves over the development of Nigeria.

He maintained that if things continued as they are, ASUU, as a patriotic union, would also rise mightily in defense of the overburdened and inhumanly overburdened Nigerian people.

Odukoya revealed that inadequate funding of Nigerian universities was intended to keep the country perpetually backward.

He said: “As you can see, the inadequate funding of the university is intentional. It goes hand in hand with the neoliberal agenda of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which seeks to keep us perpetually backward and underdeveloped.

“It is no surprise that our universities are being programmatically transformed into superfluous business establishments that process bread and pure water, rather than high-tech citadels of innovation and creativity.

“The intention is to turn the country into a consumer of technology and not a true actor in the knowledge and technology industry. ASUU rejects this in its entirety and calls on all well-meaning Nigerians to join our crusade to force better funding for education and universities as an agent of liberation for our people.”

Odukoya explained that the renegotiated 2009 Agreement remained in its drafted form, due to the government’s refusal to sign the document or request a review if it had problems with certain areas.

“The Agreement, as you will know from previous documents, covers not only the conditions of service (salaries and allowances), but also the financing of universities, university autonomy and academic freedom, and other matters. The government’s refusal to conclude the renegotiation indicates a lack of understanding of the profound nature of the document, so the government now claims that the award of a salary award has put the matter to rest.

“Convention No. 98 of the International Labor Organization (ILO) addresses the principle of collective bargaining within which our union continues to involve the government on this issue. ILO Convention C095 on Protection of Wages, 1949, provides for “mutual agreement on the modification of wages payable under a written or unwritten contract of employment by an employer to an employed person” (Article 1). The provisions of ILO Convention C095 (Article 2 1 & 2) affirm.”

Former ASUU-UNILAG President Dele Ashiru also spoke, adding: “In two months, if all these outstanding issues are not implemented, the NEC will reach out to take further action. We are here to draw the attention of the government and alert the Nigerian people about the lackluster response of the government to the unresolved issues between the government and our union.

“We advise the people of Nigeria that if there were a crisis in the university system, Bola Tinubu should be held directly responsible. “One year is enough time to begin the process of rectifying the shortcomings of the APC-led Buhari administration.”