Rwabwogo warns ‘big boys’ not to thwart Ugandan exports


Odrek, senior presidential advisor for special tasks Rwabwogo has warned regulators and “big” people who are thwarting its attempts to improve Ugandan exports and create consortia.

He issued the warning in a statement he shared on

The meeting took place at Booma Grounds in Mbarara town under the auspices of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID), which he chairs.

The meeting at Booma Grounds in Mbarara town.  (Courtesy photo)

The meeting at Booma Grounds in Mbarara town. (Courtesy photo)

“The regulators and ‘big guys’ who stand in the way and selfishly work for themselves will be torpedoed by the enormous number of ordinary people who understand the value of our message to their lives,” he said.

Rwabwogo, who is also a businessman and farmer, noted that embulire tefa yonnaas the Luganda saying goes.

“Which means that in a large gathering of listeners, some will take the message and teach it to others,” he said.

He also noted that changing Uganda’s understanding of production, processing, standards and exports will require continued efforts to understand external markets and their connection to family production.

He thanked his PACEID team, the Directorate of Industrial Training of the Ministry of Education and the various leaders of the Ankole districts who carried out the mobilization and training and also conducted the certification of their people.

PACEID was commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni in March 2022 and identified 13 key exports that will be targeted for aggressive growth in production and income over the next five years.

These are coffee, sugar, cereals, fruits and vegetables, poultry (meat), tourism, beef, dairy, cement, steel, fish, banana flour and flowers/materials vegetables.

He said these 13 are exports where Uganda has enough comparative advantage in the target markets that if cultivated, sustainable industries and manufacturing structures can be developed around each of them, creating employment and boosting the national economy.