Trump campaign removes video mentioning ‘unified Reich’

  • By Mike Wendling and Jake Horton
  • BBC News and BBC Verify

Image source, Trump campaign

Screenshot, The headline referring to a “unified Reich”

The Trump campaign removed a video posted to the former president’s Truth Social account that referenced a “unified Reich.”

The 30-second clip outlined a vision of America under Trump through stylized headlines, one of which used a term now often associated with Nazi Germany.

It appeared on Trump’s account on Monday and was deleted the next day.

A spokeswoman said it was not an official campaign video and was posted by a junior staff member, not Trump.

The video begins with text announcing a “TRUMP SLIDE” along with a voiceover saying “What happens if Donald Trump wins?”

It then passes by a headline that reads: “Industrial strength and production had increased significantly after 1871, boosted by the creation of a unified Reich.”

Germany was unified that year as a Reich, or empire, more than half a century before the Nazi Party came to power and declared the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler.

In later images of the video, headlines including “Border is closed” and “15 million illegal aliens deported” appear, along with an image of a portion of the wall on the southern border of the United States and, incongruously, the dates of the First World War.

Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt said the post “was not a campaign video, it was created by a random online account and reposted by a staffer who clearly did not see the word, while the president was in court.” “.

Image source, Trump campaign

BBC Verify’s investigation indicates that the likely source of the graphics is a video template website where users pay to download content which they can then personalise.

US media reported that the version appearing on Truth Social was first posted on X/Twitter by a user called “Ramble Rants”, who regularly posts videos from a pro-Trump group called the Dilley Meme Team.

The BBC has contacted the Dilley Meme team and the Trump campaign for further comment.

James Singer, US President Joe Biden’s campaign spokesman, said: “Donald Trump’s release of a ‘Unified Reich’ video is part of a pattern of praising dictators and echoes anti-Semitic tropes.”

“He is telling the United States exactly what he intends to do if he regains power: rule as a dictator over a ‘unified Reich.'”

Trump recently faced criticism for saying immigrants were “poisoning the blood of our country” and calling his opponents “vermin.”

He was also criticized for dining with Nick Fuentes, a Holocaust denier, in 2022.

The former president periodically attacks “fascists” and “communists” at his rallies.