Government guarantees 500 job opportunities for nurses in Qatar

Labor Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore announced on Tuesday, May 21, that 500 Kenyan nurses will be absorbed by five mega companies following consultative talks in Doha, Qatar.

The meeting, held between CS Bore and the CEO of Estithmar Company, Mohamed Bin Badr Al Sadah, resolved to improve labor relations between both nations.

One of the highlights of the meetings was Al Sadah’s interest in bringing Kenyan nurses into the company.

Estithmar Company is a publicly traded company and is home to five mega companies in the Gulf nation; Elegance Arabia, Elegancia Healthcare, Estithmar Ventures, Elegancia MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) and Elegancia Services.

Labor Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore


Ministry of Labor and Social Protection

The company operates mainly in four strategic sectors; health, services, businesses and industries.

“On the sidelines of the Labor Migration Dialogue in Doha, Qatar, which seeks to improve labor relations between African countries of origin and GCC host countries,” said CS Bore.

“I was able to meet with Mr. Mohamed Bin Badr Al Sadah, CEO of Estithmar Company, an umbrella company of five mega companies in the Gulf region, where we discussed the incorporation of Kenyan workers to Qatar.”

“The CEO expressed interest in employing our workers and mentioned that they are currently employing healthcare workers and I am delighted that in our meeting we managed to place 500 nurses,” she added.

The agreement is part of the bilateral labor agreements that the government has since signed with international countries to acquire job opportunities for Kenyans.

Some of these countries include Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Israel.

The BLA seeks to export labor to reduce the high rate of youth unemployment throughout the country.

At the beginning of the year, the government sent 2,500 nurses to work in Saudi Arabia. In January 2024, CS Bore announced that nurses would be paid Sh150,000 monthly.

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