Head injuries and bleeding ears: Passengers recount chaos on turbulent Singapore Airlines flight

SINGAPORE: There was little warning about the chaos that was about to engulf passengers on Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 on Tuesday (May 21).

With about three hours left in the trip from London to Singapore, Malaysian student Dzafran Azmir had the feeling that the Boeing 777-300R plane was tilting up and starting to shake.

The 28-year-old prepared himself and checked that he had his seat belt on. He did. Many of the other passengers did not, he said.

“Suddenly there was a very dramatic fall, so everyone who was sitting and without a seat belt was immediately thrown against the roof, some people hit their heads on the luggage cabins above and dented them, hit the places where there were the lights and the masks and they made their way through that,” Azmir told Reuters.

“People fell to the floor, my phone slipped out of my hand and went down a couple of hallways to the side, and people’s shoes went flying.”