Rusape woman kills her husband’s sister in a dispute over the use of electricity

Matongo empathized with his sister-in-law’s financial situation and contributed US$5 to restore electricity, but stated that the electricity was only for lighting, not cooking.

However, Kundai ignored this instruction and used electricity to cook, which angered Matongo and led to the altercation.

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Kundai allegedly returned to his room, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Matongo once in the upper left chest.

Matongo walked a few meters before collapsing. He was bleeding profusely from the chest.

Kundai also threatened to stab Matongo’s daughter as she tried to stop the bleeding with her shirt. Then the girl ran to get help for her mother.

When Kundai saw Matongo’s daughter returning with other people, he stabbed her once again in the back of her left shoulder.

Matongo died on the way to Mutare General Hospital. A police report was made which led to Kundai’s arrest.

Neighbors who spoke to said if the police had responded sooner, Matongo’s life could have been saved.

His family had previously reported the escalating tensions to the police, but their requests were dismissed and officers said they could not intervene because no crime had been committed.

Matongo’s daughter, identified only as Prime, accused the police of not doing their job properly. She said:

Despite the family’s attempts to seek help from the authorities, our pleas went unheeded.

I went to the police station and told them about the growing tension between my mother and Kundai, but the police took no action.

Surprisingly, I was told that I should only report the incident after my mother was stabbed.

Prime was also injured after a toilet seat hit her in the stomach while trying to break up the fight.

Matongo’s churchmate, identified only as Mai Muchena, also regretted that the police did not intervene and prevent the tragedy.

Matongo left three daughters and a son.

Meanwhile, the Rusape Magistrate’s Court remanded Kundai in custody until May 24, 2024.

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