Elden Ring DLC ​​trailer shows what happens in the shadow of the Erdtree

FromSoftware has released a new story trailer for The Shadow of the Erdtree, the upcoming downloadable content for the hit video game Elden Ring. The clip, which arrives a month before the DLC’s June 21 release date, shows what awaits players in the great adventure that expands one of the best games of 2022.

The trailer shows the Land of Shadows that the main character of the Erdtree DLC, Miquella, traveled to after leaving the areas depicted in Elden Ring. A city that lies in the shadow of the huge, shining Erdtree is shown engulfed in flames due to a terrible battle.

As befits Elden Ring’s cryptically hidden story, the DLC’s story trailer reveals only fragments of the story, all of which is wrapped up in the original game’s backstory of a semi-divine family of powerful beings, such as Marika, Malenia , Godwyn et al. . In the story, Miquella failed to free her sister Malenia from Scarlet Rot and left her flesh to travel to the Land of Shadows, where it is unclear whether she will help or harm the Tarnished player.

The trailer features glimpses of another character who appears to play a central role in Shadow of the Erdtree: Messmer the Impaler. He appears prominently in the midst of the army burning the city beneath the Erdtree and quickly gets an enemy to approach him. However, his position and disposition towards Miquella and the player are unclear.

The story trailer will give fans a lot to analyze over the month until the game releases publicly, but it doesn’t offer anything additional about the gameplay or areas to explore in the DLC. February’s gameplay trailer remains the only inside look at the new enemies, bosses, weapons, abilities and spells that await players in the Land of Shadows.

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