Demi Moore’s film about the actress trying to stay young


Demi Moore’s new film, “The Substance,” from French director Coralie Fargeat, recently premiered at the 77th Cannes Film Festival to a standing ovation and applause that lasted between nine and 13 minutes, according to several media outlets, including Variety and Deadline.

Moore, 61, during a news conference Monday, talked about playing an elderly actress in the film and filming nude scenes.

“Going into it, it was really explained: the level of vulnerability and rawness that was really required to tell the story,” Moore said, according to Variety and CNN. “And it was a very vulnerable experience and it just required a lot of sensitivity and a lot of conversation about what we were trying to accomplish.”

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What is ‘The Substance’ about?

Fargeat’s film with Moore in the lead follows movie star turned TV fitness instructor Elisabeth Sparkle, who discovers that the producers of her show are replacing her with a younger, newer model, according to Vanity Fair. In an act of desperation, she takes a “black market” “cell-replicating substance” to become a “better, younger version of herself,” played by Margaret Qualley, according to IMDb.

“Have you ever dreamed of a better version of yourself? You. Only better in every way,” reads the film’s official synopsis on the Cannes website. “You have to try this new product. It’s called The Substance.”

The only catch is that Sparkle will have to spend time with the new, younger version of herself, whom she calls Sue, or things will go wrong.

“A week for you. A week for the new you,” reads the film’s synopsis. “Seven days each. A perfect balance.”

However, it is never as easy as it seems.

Cast of ‘The Substance’

The film’s main cast, according to Cannes, includes:

  • Demi Moore as Elisabeth Sparkle
  • Margaret Qualle as Sue
  • Dennis Quaid as Harvey

Other cast members, according to IMDb, include:

  • Hugo Diego García as Diego
  • Joseph Balderrama as Craig Silver
  • Oscar Lesage as Troy
  • Gore Abrams as Oliver
  • Matthew Géczy as Bob Haswell
  • Philip Schurer as Mr. Scream

Where to see ‘The Substance’?

It may be a while before you get a chance to see “The Substance” because movies that play at film festivals are screened with the expectation of selling the film to a studio or distributor for distribution.

The creators of “The Substance” have not yet revealed whether they are in talks with any distributors about the film’s future.

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