Nintendo announces second US store, opening in 2025

nintendo san francisco
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has announced plans to open a second official store in the US.

The company will open a physical store in San Francisco, specifically in the iconic Union Square, considered the “full commercial center of the city.” The store is currently scheduled to open in 2025, with more details to be revealed in the future.

Here is the full official statement from Nintendo:

“Nintendo of America today announced plans to open an official store in San Francisco’s iconic Union Square, providing a way for a wide range of visitors from near and far to experience the world of Nintendo, its products and characters.

The store, called Nintendo SAN FRANCISCO, will open in 2025 as the second official location in the US, joining the store in New York City.

Stay tuned for more information as the opening of the new store gets closer.”

It’s surprising to think that this is only the second store the company has opened in the United States. The former is based in New York City and regularly hosts launch day events for major Nintendo releases. The San Francisco store offers those on the West Coast the opportunity to see Nintendo products without having to travel to the East Coast.

2025 looks like a big year for Nintendo, not just in the field of video games. While the Switch 2 will at least be revealed “within this fiscal year,” Universal Orlando will also have its own Super Nintendo World next year. So it seems like the right time to open a new store.