Apple’s rumored MacBook of the future could arrive in 2026 and cost a lot

The rumored MacBook (not pictured) will not have a physical keyboard.
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  • Apple could launch a foldable, full-screen MacBook in 2026.
  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said production costs could rival the $3,500 Vision Pro headphones.
  • The rumored MacBook would come with a still-announced M5 series processor.

Apple could be preparing to launch a foldable, full-screen MacBook by 2026, and it could cost quite a bit.

This is according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a widely followed analyst who has previously been a go-to guy for Apple product predictions, often doing so accurately.

In a blog post on Thursday, citing a survey, TF International Securities supply chain analyst said the product, Apple’s first foldable screen device, could measure 20.25 inches, although “Apple is also considering using an 18.8” panel.

The “target mass production schedule for the panel and assembly” is the fourth quarter of 2025 and the first half of 2026, respectively, he wrote. That compares with an earlier estimate of 2027.

Even so, the cost to consumers could reach Vision Pro pricing tiers, Kuo wrote. The Vision Pro retails for $3,499.

That’s because the cost orf making a The hinge and screen that “make the panel as wrinkle-free as possible” seem strong. It requires “high design specifications,” and current preliminary estimates put panel costs at around $600-$650 and hinge costs at $200-$250 each, he said.

However, “If production performance improves significantly at the time of mass production, these costs could decrease.” Furthermore, “due to the more defined product positioning of the foldable MacBook, shipments are expected to be significantly higher than those of the Vision Pro. Shipments are estimated to exceed one million units in 2026,” Kuo estimated. This is a big help for Apple after the mixed success of headphones released earlier this year.

The MacBook could also come with a yet-to-be-announced M5 chip. When Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro on May 7, the tech giant unveiled the M4, calling it an “outrageously powerful chip for AI.”