Why Kenya Power estimates customers’ electricity bills

Kenya Power has come out to explain why it usually estimates the electricity bills of some of its customers across the country.

Speaking on Citizen TV, Thursday, May 22, Rosemary Oduor, General Manager Sales and Business Services at Kenya Power, said sometimes customers refuse to allow KPLC staff to enter their premises, either maliciously or accidental, forcing them to estimate bills as a last resort.

He added that when they access the premises, they often find that the bills have increased due to accumulated consumption.

“The reason the billing estimate would be erratic is that we often can’t access an actual reading at the facility,” he said.

Kenya Power staff working on power lines


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To curb this, he noted that they have introduced automatic reading, whereby consumers can read the meter themselves and send the readings to Kenya Power for billing.

This process begins after receiving an SMS message when billing is due. However, you must first register as an automatic reader.

He further urged customers to allow Kenya Power meter readers to access their premises to obtain accurate readings.

Furthermore, in the long term, Oduor mentioned that Kenya Power will soon introduce smart meters, facilitating quick digital communication between customers and Kenya Power.

He added: “That will help us better bill our clients with actual readings and reduce the need for frequent estimates.”

A Kenya Power technician during routine transformer maintenance.


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