The Cork woman who did not open her door to Gardaí during the curfew check said she would delay taking sleeping pills.

A Cork woman who faced the prospect of going to jail for repeatedly failing to open her door for gardaí to check her nightly curfew came up with the unusual proposal of setting her alarm for 3am to delay the takes his sleeping pill.

Margaret Foley, 37, of 1B Grenville Place, Cork, blamed her sleeping pills for not answering the gardaí’s door at night.

She said she suffered from conditions including anxiety, which led her to take sleeping pills. And this made her sleep so soundly that she did not hear the guards knocking at the door.

The reason she was out on bail in the first place was because she was accused of carrying out a robbery and instructions on the case will not be available from the Director of Public Prosecutions until September.

Garda Gheorghe Rosu told Cork District Court on Friday that gardaí called the defendant’s home during this month and last month to ensure she complied with the terms of the curfew to be home between 10pm and 7:00 every night.

Garda Rosu testified that on nine occasions there was no response to Margaret Foley’s call when they were checking curfew.

The evidence came in the form of written statements from different gardaí who were called at various times during that period and Ms Foley did not respond.

The calls were made on various dates in April and May, 15 minutes after midnight, 3:10, 2:30, 1:12, 1:50, 2:20, one minute after midnight, 22 minutes after midnight and 28 minutes after midnight. He did not respond to each of those Garda calls.

Sergeant Gearóid Davis said the State’s request was to keep Margaret Foley in custody for having breached her bail conditions nine times.

Mrs. Foley testified: “I take sleeping pills at 10 at night. Apart from these nine times, I responded. These calls were after midnight. The last one was ten past three. Most of the time before midnight I open the door.”

Since he sleeps a lot after taking the medicine, he said, “This time I will take them after the guards call. “I won’t take medication until 3/3.30 in the morning.”

His lawyer, Diarmuid Kelleher, said Foley set his alarm for 3am and took his sleeping pill at that time so as not to sleep deeply under the influence of the sleeping pill when gardaí called.

Judge Mary Dorgan said she would adjourn the case and the defendant would remain on bail. The judge did not make Mrs. Foley’s plan to set her alarm to take her sleeping pill at 3 in the morning as a condition of the bail renewal.

Judge Dorgan said it was up to Margaret Foley how she arranged her affairs to maintain curfew conditions.

The judge said one thing was certain (and she was writing it down in the case documents): that this would be Margaret Foley’s last chance.

If Ms. Foley puts her new plan into action, she will essentially set her alarm at 3 a.m. every night to wake her up to take her sleeping pill.