Bishop Kahuma gives advice to women on development


HOIMA- The outgoing Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, Samuel Kahuma, has called on women in the diocese to start income generating projects as a way to increase their income.

Bishop Kahuma, who presided over the annual general meeting of the Mothers’ Union at St Peter’s Cathedral on Tuesday, called on women to ensure that even when they join the business industry, they should deal with quality products such as a way to attract customers.

“Women should engage in modern and productive agriculture as well as other business ventures that can enhance their income but in doing so enable them to market quality products that attract customers,” Kahuma said.

Kahuma thanked the Mothers’ Union of the diocese for spearheading various developments of the church and asked them to continue upholding Christian values.

“The women of the diocese have accomplished several projects and we appreciate their unity in all the churches.

Kahuma emphasized that through genuine repentance and faith in Christ, believers can experience the transforming power of God’s grace and be freed from the bondage of sin.

Kahuma urged married couples in the Anglican church to join the Mother’s Union and Christian Women Fellowship ministries so that the church can have vibrant structures.

Grace Mukugize, president of the Mothers’ Union of the diocese, said that during the General Assembly they presented several projects that have been carried out and those that are intended to be carried out during the next year.

Mukugize said they are currently mobilizing resources for the construction works of the Mothers’ Union Guest House in Duhaga.

“We are currently mobilizing resources for the construction of the building and we appeal to all well-wishers to come out and support this great work of God,” Mukugize said.

The Bishop-elect of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, Rev. Canon Jacob Ateirweho, who also attended the Annual General Assembly, called for more married couples to join the union of mothers and fathers to have stable families.

“We need to encourage young married couples to join mother-father bonding ministries so that we can have stable families,” Ateirweho said.

Ateirweho appreciated the role of women’s ministry in the diocese and pledged to continue supporting them to improve women’s ministry.

He promised to continue supporting the different structures of the church and ensure that they are all vibrant and functioning well.

“During our ministry, we will continue to work with all the church structures that have been established because we serve best when all structures are vibrant,” he said.