New pink card for the Copa América, how it will serve Messi, Vinicious and all the players

tThe Copa América, which will be held in the United States from June 20 to July 14, will introduce a new pink card. This card is not a warning or a red card; addresses player safety specifically as it relates to concussions. The Board of the International Football Association (IFAB) approved permanent concussion substitutions in March, and the pink card law will be officially introduced from July 1. However, Competitions that start before that date, such as the Copa América, can implement the rule earlier.

the pink card will allow teams to use an additional substitute for a player who suffers a concussion or head injury. The Competitions and Operations Directorate of the organization has announced that a additional sixth Substitution can be introduced to prioritize the player’s health.Similar In addition to the NFL’s concussion protocol, FIFA aims to improve player safety in relation to head injuries, marking significant progress in the sport.

Players with suspected concussion will not be allowed to return to the field after being substituted and will be taken to the locker room or a medical facility. Star players like Messi or Vinicius Jr., who often face heavy tackles, will need medical clearance to determine their availability for subsequent matches.

Team doctors must complete and submit a form to the CONMEBOL medical commission within 24 hours of the game, detailing the concussion evaluation.

As the America Cup As it approaches, fans are eagerly waiting to see if Argentina will defend its title, if Brazil will regain its dominance or if a surprise contender like Uruguay or a guest team will emerge victorious. We will meet soon.