Who has been throwing eggs in the Tampines corridor? You are disturbing the wheelchair user.

This is extremely unpleasant. Someone has been throwing eggs along the fourth floor hallway of Block 872B Tampines Street 86, much to Stomper’s annoyance. Then, who uses an electric wheelchair. Anon shared photos of the runner stained with yolk and eggshells on May 19. He said: “I can’t navigate the corridor because the eggs will stain my wheel and I use my wheelchair at home.” This started last year and will increasingly occur once a month. I wonder how it happens over and over again. “I have to call the conservation worker every time and it takes them time to clean up. Stomper is appealing to the authorities to install CCTV cameras along the corridor. He added: “No one will confess unless we catch the culprit.” via CCTV.” Stomp has contacted Tampines City Council for more information.