Logan Paul Exposes Ryan Garcia’s PED Use and More in Scathing Takedown Video

ANDYouTuber and WWE star logan paul recently announced that his team is suing Ryan Garcia for defamation of character. Garcia’s accusations against Logan range from saying his PRIME Energy drink is harmful to children to accusing him of molesting children. Any sane public person would go after Ryan Garcia for making these baseless claims. But Logan Paul had more than enough to say about Ryan and the now-official lawsuit against him. In recent days, the boxer showed alleged text messages from Logan Paul that paint the WWE star in a terrible light due to a comment against children in Gaza. Presumably, that’s the final straw for Paul and the reason he’s moving forward with this lawsuit. There is a saying that goes something like FAFO Look it up.

Logan Paul publishes video that leaves Ryan GarcĂ­a in a terrible light

In a video that lasts no more than 5 minutes, Logan Paul details the timeline that led him to sue Ryan Garcia. He lamented the boxer’s fall from grace and exposed his potentially chronic PED use. Additionally, Paul responded to Ryan Garcia’s pedophilia accusations by revealing a case in which Ryan flirted with a 15-year-old boy when he was 19. That must be the most damaging for Ryan because the authorities could investigate him for it. A ruthless takedown that Ryan Garcia actively sought due to his many outrageous claims. We can’t help but think about the potential CTE damage Ryan has from starting his boxing career at age 7.

Many are wondering if there is a way out of this mess: could Logan Paul forgive Ryan Garcia for this latest mistake? Paul alluded to the friendship these two had before Ryan became dark and scandalous. Garcia would have to go on a very public apology tour or file a countersuit for who knows what. The boxer seems to be beginning to reap the fruits of his work and see that his actions do have consequences. Although many truly hate Logan Paul, being accused of such serious crimes by an unhinged boxer/influencer is quickly making him the main protagonist of this story. But there is another option, both men can resolve this inside a ring. Logan Paul already proposed it. Could this happen?