Crocodile spotted enjoying dip in ocean near tourist beach

A crocodile has been spotted cooling off and taking a dip in the ocean near a popular tourist beach, as shocked onlookers watched on from the shoreline. The refreshed reptile was seen swimming in the waves as a young couple spent the day with their children, with beachgoers shouting out to the family who were in the water at the time, warning them to flee.

The couple, Giovanni and Maom, filmed the unusual encounter after returning to the safety of the shore, uploaded the footage to social media. The close-call took place while the family were visiting CelestĂșn, west of Cancun in Mexico.

The croc is believed to have ventured into the sea from the nearby RĂ­a CelestĂșn Biosphere Reserve yesterday on May 21. Local experts identified it as a Morelet’s crocodile.

They are commonly found near freshwater, but can venture outside of their natural habitat in search of food. They can also travel further afield to seek shelter during heat waves.

“Excess heat and human invasion or territory is moving all animals out of their natural habitat,” a local said in response to the footage.

“Even the crocodiles are feeling the heat,” said another. “I think it has more rights than humans who only destroy and pollute the beaches,” another woman said.

The animal was seen swimming in the waves at CelestĂșn, in YucatĂĄn in Mexico. Source: Jam Press

A Morelet’s crocodile was also spotted walking the streets in the nearby port city of Progreso earlier in May. Local authorities advised locals never to confront or try to scare away a crocodile if encountering one.

– Jam Press

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