Present and future NBA Draft prospects will showcase their talent at adidas Eurocamp

One of the most anticipated pre-draft events each year, adidas Eurocamp brings together the best draft-eligible athletes ages 18-22 from around the world. This three-day camp will take place June 1-3 at Ghirada La Città Dello Sport in Treviso, Italy, with a star-studded group of athletes from around the world looking to showcase their talents.

It’s no secret that adidas Eurocamp has a rich history of producing highly talented professional athletes, including 150 current and former NBA and EuroLeague players. When it comes to NBA talent, this event has seen Zion Williamson New Orleans Pelicans), Darius Garland (Cleveland Cavaliers), Danilo Gallinari (Milwaukee Bucks), Goran Dragić (retired NBA player), Brandon Ingram (New Orleans Pelicans), Jaylen Brown. (Boston Celtics), Jusuf Nurkić (Phoenix Suns), Lu Dort (Oklahoma City Thunder) and Bogdan Bogdanović (Atlanta Hawks), among others, suit up and take the field at the adidas Eurocamp.

Following in the footsteps of these prolific athletes as the next generation of star athletes, the players competing in this year’s event will be divided into 2 Eurocamp teams (draft-eligible athletes), 2 USA teams, the select team ANGT and the new world team. , which is made up of athletes from LATAM, Africa, APAC and emerging markets. The official roster for this season was officially announced earlier this week, with a mix of prospects potentially being selected in the 2024 NBA Draft and younger prospects entering future drafts.

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World Team

Eurocamp team

Team USA

These athletes will be led by a team of top coaches, including David Vanterpool (Washington Wizards), Jason Terry (Utah Jazz), Dave Joerger (Milwaukee Bucks), Jordan Ott (formerly Los Angeles Lakers), Chris Fleming (Chicago Bulls) . ) and Rico Hines (Philadelphia 76ers). Additionally, head coach Bill Bayno and scouting director Gianluca Pascucci will lead camp management.

A high-profile group of adidas NBA athletes, including Nikola Jović (Miami Heat), Austin Rivers (NBA veteran and current ESPN commentator), Vasilije Micić (Charlotte Hornets) and more special guests will also be in Italy to showcase your support. Additionally, the exclusive adidas athlete James Harden (LA Clippers) will make a special appearance in support of Harden Vol. 8 PE “Eurocamp”, which is exclusive to athletes and participants of this year’s adidas Eurocamp.

As the only official NBA pre-draft camp in Europe, adidas Eurocamp is one of the main events of each draft cycle. Last season, Nadir Hifi (France), Tidjane Salaun (France), Mouhamed Faye (Senegal), Johann Gruenloh (Germany), Motiejus Krivas (Lithuania), VJ Edgecombe and Dwayne Aristode, among others, were some of the notables that some day they seek to reach the NBA.

Who will follow in their footsteps and steal the show at the 17th annual adidas Eurocamp? We’ll find out next weekend in Treviso, Italy.