Singapore Police to launch new NSF vocation to fight cybercrime, scams


The Deputy Prime Minister also announced two community initiatives to allow the public to “step up and partner” with police to combat cyber scams.

The first is the Cyber ​​Guardians on Watch program. Participants will receive alerts and warnings from the police about cybercrimes and can spread them among their family and friends.

“Our Cyber ​​Guardians, as a community, will partner with law enforcement to monitor potential criminal activity in cyberspace.

“They can take action by alerting the SPF or reporting suspected malicious activities to digital platforms for immediate action,” Mr Heng said.

Police said these guardians will be educated to be “the eyes and ears of the SPF in cyberspace” and report suspicious activities related to a variety of cybercrimes.

The second initiative is the Cybercrime Prevention Ambassadors program. It will provide specialized training to equip volunteers with knowledge of the latest trends in online crime.

They will also help police engage and educate the public about cybercrime prevention measures at community tours and events.

“Just as the police could not be expected to be omnipresent in the early days when street crimes were prevalent, in today’s physical-digital world, it is impossible for the SPF to be everything, everywhere, everything at once,” said the Mr. Heng.

“Community partnerships, the cornerstone of today’s policing, will be even more important in addressing cybercrime.

“These crimes tend to be less visible than physical crimes and the best way to prevent them is to have family and friends who can spot abnormal patterns of behavior.”