Luke Littler’s success is mind-blowing, players should be grateful for the attention he has paid to darts, says Wayne Mardle | darts news

Sky Sports Darts expert Wayne Mardle reflects on Luke Littler’s Premier League victory and nine-dart finish in the final against Luke Humphries, praising the teenager’s performances under pressure and telling other players they should be grateful for the way he is bringing interest to the sport. ..

This guy has it. Forget about age, he just has it. There are a lot of players who will look at it and think, ‘Can I be that good?’ The answer is no.

This kid is doing it and more than 99 percent of the professionals who have been playing for 20 years have done it. The reason is simple: he is better. He is better more often.

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Littler lifts the Premier League trophy after beating Humphries in the final

Win the Bahrain Masters. He hits a nine dart. Win a European event. Hit a nine dart. Win a ProTour. Hit a nine dart. Win the Premier League. Hit a nine dart.

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Watch Luke Littler’s nine darts from every angle as ‘The Nuke’ reaches perfection on the night of the 2024 Premier League Finals.

He doesn’t just have some good games, he has special moments. The three double tops from last week. This week’s nine darts. Heading the table. It’s crazy what he’s doing on a dart board.

The respect that you can see and hear from the other players, they know it. The game knows the game.

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‘YOU BEAUTIFUL!’ Littler fired nine darts at Humphries and raised the roof at the O2 Arena

Why wouldn’t everything be about Littler?

For me it’s his calmness under pressure, to keep his leg together after hitting the nine dart. You can cloud yourself with a few darts, but not him.

For him, the nine darts are nothing special. Of course they are, they always have something special, but this year he’s gotten four or five. Normal players don’t do this. This is not the norm.

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Watch the best action from the night of the Premier League finals as Luke Littler became champion for 2024

We’ll wax lyrical about it, hopefully for years to come.

Some players understand that it’s for the growth of the game, others, far from the upper echelon, say: ‘Why is it just about Littler?’

Why wouldn’t it be?! He’s putting money in his pockets, bringing new eyes to the game, bringing sponsors to the game who have never been interested in darts. The darts have exploded.

Focused Littler shows he can win big titles

When Littler played Michael Smith in the semifinals, there was nothing but concentration the entire time.

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Defeated finalist Humphries says Littler was a deserved Premier League champion

In the final things didn’t go very well for 10 games (both Lukes were feeling their way), but after 5-5 the rest is history. Champions do it, they find a way. Now we know Littler can cross the line.

What is there to gain now? The World Championship? He has already reached the final and his career is in an embryonic phase.

If that double deuce goes in 5-2 against Humphries in the World Championship final, he might already be world champion. He missed his chance on that, but he took advantage of it on this.

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Littler had a message for his skeptics after winning the 2024 Premier League

What he has done is amazing. He plays with a swagger and a freedom that allows him to do things like this in the biggest games.

In my opinion, at Liverpool he became a different human being, a different player. He showed that he had this fight, this aggression in him. He showed it to the public. He showed it again in Aberdeen.

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Comedian Rob Beckett says Littler reminds him of former English footballer Wayne Rooney

When he won the tournament, all the excitement came out and it just goes to show that while he’s cool as a cucumber, it means the absolute world.

What a brilliant ending to a brilliant Premier League.

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