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Two Bengaluru courts, which granted bail to JD(S) legislator HD Revanna in two separate cases of kidnapping and sexual harassment, underlined a crucial aspect in their orders: that the serious offenses are prima facie not against Revanna but against his son and MP Hassan. Prajwal Revanna, accused of sexually assaulting several women.

Essentially, the orders make filing a case against Prajwal key to securing Revanna’s custody for the protection of victims. The prosecution had challenged Revanna’s bail plea on the grounds that he could intimidate victims and tamper with evidence.

“Though a serious allegation is leveled against the petitioner’s son, the same cannot be a ground for rejecting (Revanna’s) bail plea unless it is pointed out that he would be a menace to the society,” a special court MP said. /MLA. he said on May 13, while granting bail in the case of alleged kidnapping and illegal detention of a woman. The woman had appeared in one of the leaked videos in which she was allegedly seen being raped by Prajwal.

“Apart from the stray allegation in the complaint that the accused (Revanna) had insisted that the victim tell the petitioner, no material has been received,” the court said.

In the complaint, the victim’s son alleged that a man named Satish Babanna took his mother out of her house saying that Revanna wanted to meet her. The woman was a former maid at Revanna’s farm.

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In the second order granting bail to Revanna on May 20 in a sexual assault case, another special court underlined that the serious offense of rape under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code can only be charged against Prajwal.

“Once again it supports that accused number 1 (Revanna) is not charged with the alleged offense under section 376 of IPC, but only accused number 2 (Prajwal). It also supports that the victim in his statement has stated that it is accused No. 2 who allegedly committed the crime under Section 376 of the IPC and not accused No. 1,” the court held.

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“Basically, at this point, Revanna is getting the benefit of the doubt at her son’s expense. Once the case is filed against Prajwal, his (Revanna’s) legal strategy will have to change,” an official involved in the case told The Indian Express.

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Sources said in the absence of a common charge of conspiracy under Section 120B of the IPC between Revanna and her son, both the cases will have to be dealt with separately.

In it sexual assault case against Revanna, the rape charge was added after he applied for bail. At the time of filing his bail application, he was only charged with sexual harassment under section 354 of the IPC, which are bailable offences.

In both bail cases, prosecution lawyers also argued at length that Revanna could intimidate witnesses and highlighted allegations of corrupt practices with Revanna’s help in Prajwal’s 2019 election as Hassan MP.

The Karnataka High Court ruling in September 2023 nullified the elections and disqualified Prajwal for making false disclosures in his election affidavit. However, the SC suspended the effect of the disqualification while the HC ruling stands.

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