Mother who hit her son because “the Bible advised it” sentenced to life in prison for his murder

Judge Garnham concluded: “All of these beatings were administered as punishment for behavior that was objectively trivial but which you considered worthy of severe punishment.

“What must have gone through this child’s mind, when he was hit with a cane by his mother, despite these terrible burns, is not worth thinking about.”

A post-mortem examination found that he died from a head injury that could only have been caused by being shaken or thrown at something.

It showed that the young man had been the victim of a series of assaults and had suffered several non-accidental injuries.

Judge Garnham accepted, however, that when Robinson shook Dwelaniyah to death, causing fatal brain injuries, she had no intention of killing him.

She also rejected claims that she was motivated by sadism, saying there was no evidence she enjoyed inflicting pain.

But he said her mistreatment of Dwelaniyah in the final weeks of her son’s life was “appalling to the highest degree.”

Representing herself, Robinson continued to deny killing her son, saying, “I pray for the day when justice is served.”

Outside court, Chief Inspector Simon Turner said: “Dwelaniyah was a helpless little boy who had his life ahead of him but it was cruelly taken from him by his own mother, someone he should have been able to trust, someone he should have cared about.” about him.

“We may never know why or what led Christina Robinson to do what she did.

“Her actions are inexcusable and sadly nothing will bring Dwelaniyah back, but at least she now faces the consequences of what she has done.”

Robinson, originally from Tamworth, Staffordshire, was found guilty of murder and four counts of cruelty to children following a three-week trial in March.

She was also convicted of child neglect for leaving Dwelaniyah at home while she was having an affair behind her husband’s back.