Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoilers: Marlena’s Everett Reveal Sparks Unexpected Drama; As Melinda faces consequences for her actions

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives.

During the week of May 27-31 on Days of Our Lives, expect surprising secrets, disappearing acts, and a manhunt for Salem drug dealer Clyde Weston.

In Friday’s cliffhanger, Eric brings Jude to Nicole and reveals what Sloan did. However, Eric doesn’t know everything, unlike EJ.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers and Highlights

Nicole and EJ are finally able to focus on Jude and assure Nicole that she wasn’t imagining things about their connection. EJ struggles with the truth that Nicole doesn’t know Eric is the father. Nicole will confront her tormentor Sloan later this week.

Meanwhile, Harris returns to team up with Ava to deal with Clyde Weston. They plan to track him down. Lucas leaves the monastery and joins them in Montana to find Clyde. Will this be Clyde’s last stand?

Elsewhere, Marlena informs Jada and Stephanie that Everett has DID, leading to a shocking encounter with him. Rafe and a distraught Eric are shocked to discover that Sloan has disappeared. Eric wants Sloan to face justice and for Rafe to participate in the search.


Melinda Trask’s situation worsens when she realizes she is in trouble for her role in the baby swapping and kidnapping. The new district attorney is in trouble and she may have to run.

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

On yesterday’s Days of Our Lives, in The Spectator, Stephanie anxiously checks her phone and leaves a message for Everett, wondering where he is. At the station, Marlena tells Rafe and Jada that Everett has dissociative identity disorder, and that both Everett and Bobby live inside his head due to childhood trauma. Jada calls Stephanie at the station.

In the square, Chanel shares a brownie with Johnny, excited for her baby and relieved that the nausea is over. She wants to tell everyone about the pregnancy, but Johnny prefers to wait until everything is clear. Chanel suggests that she could cure EJ and Nicole, who recently lost a baby. Johnny reluctantly agrees, thinking about her future.

At the mansion, Nicole receives an apology text from Holly and responds with love. EJ comes in with tea and a snack, but shouts on a work call, irritating Nicole. He blames his state of mind on being fired by Paulina. As Nicole massages his neck, she notices him looking at her watch and jokingly demands to know what’s going on. EJ admits that she is expecting a birth.

At her apartment, Sloan confesses to Eric that Jude is actually Nicole and EJ’s son. She lied because she was afraid of losing him after the death of her baby. She reveals that the adoption failed because the birth parents did not want her to raise their child, and she stayed with Jude when Dimitri left him, seeing it as her last chance to parent her. Eric, devastated, demands to know why she is telling him now. Sloan says she was getting closer to the truth and admits Leo knew. Eric, furious, attacks her. Sloan replies that she did it out of love for him and Jude, but Eric accuses her of being incapable of love.

Johnny and Chanel return home to announce their pregnancy to EJ and Nicole. Nicole is delighted, but she realizes that EJ already knew. Johnny and Chanel explain that they wanted Nicole to be the first to know. EJ privately tells Johnny that she thinks having the baby is a mistake, but Johnny insists that it will be a blessing. Nicole gives Chanel an illustrated book from her baby shower and they share an emotional moment.

At the station, Stephanie learns about Everett’s DID. Marlena hopes Stephanie can convince him to get treatment, but first they have to find him.

Eric packs up Jude’s things to take him to Nicole and EJ, alienating Sloan when she tries to stop him. He warns her not to leave while he is gone, saying that she will pay for what she has done. Sloan watches desperately as Eric leaves with Jude.

Back at the mansion, the doorbell rings. EJ answers and finds a heartbroken Eric holding Jude. Eric reveals that Jude is Nicole and EJ’s son and hands him over. Nicole trembles as she hugs her son.