Residents of Musoma Rural join forces to accelerate development projects

MARA: THE residents of Musoma Rural District continue to implement various development projects as their own initiative to ensure that social services are easily accessible, available and close to the people.

These projects, including new schools and health centers, were initiated by the community and are currently under construction.

According to a statement issued on Friday by the office of the Member of Parliament for the constituency, Professor Sospeter Muhongo, a total of 16 health centers have so far been built in different villages thanks to contributions from residents, support from other stakeholders and assistance. from the Member of Parliament’s office.

In addition, the government has been supporting the efforts of the district residents by providing funds to complete the projects started, including health centers and schools.

Kaburabura village is one of the three villages in Bugoji district where the community has decided to build its own health center and construction is underway.

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The aim is to bring health services closer to the people and reduce the burden of traveling long distances to the Bugoji health centre, which currently serves three villages.

“The long distance to access health services is one of the main reasons why the residents of Kaburabura village have decided to build their own health center,” the statement read.

Currently, the constituency has a total of 29 health centres, 25 of which are government-owned and 4 privately-owned. In addition, there are 6 health centers and a district council hospital in the area.

Musoma Rural constituency consists of 21 wards, with 68 villages and 374 hamlets.

Professor Muhongo welcomed development partners to participate in bringing health services closer to the people by contributing to the completion of the construction of the health centre, particularly in Kaburabura village.