Apple explains rare bug that caused deleted photos to reappear on iOS devices

Apple earlier this week released an update for iOS that fixed a rare bug that reportedly caused deleted photos to reappear on devices. Images deleted months and even years ago were reportedly resurfacing on iOS devices, raising concerns about how the company stored and managed the data in iCloud.

While Apple did not release any statement addressing the issue, iPhone brands released the iOS 17.5.1 update and the release notes stated that the issue was due to a “database corruption.”

Apple further confirmed that iCloud Photos is not to blame for the error and that images were resurfacing due to corrupt databases that existed in the device’s file system, according to a report from 9to5 mac.

The company said that the photos that were not completely deleted from a user’s device were not photos synced from iCloud. These files were only on the device and could have persisted from one device to another when restoring from a backup, performing a device-to-device transfer, or restoring from an iCloud backup but not using iCloud Photos.

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And although now-deleted social media posts on Reddit alleged that photos were also reappearing on iPads after being sold. Apple says that after a device has been completely wiped, all files and content are permanently deleted and there is no chance for photos to reappear in the future.

Apple further said that the bug was rare and affected a very small number of users.

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