The Tinubu government is not the only one responsible for the economic problems

The President of the Nigerian Labor Congress, Joe Ajaero, and a leader of the All Progressives Congress, Ismaeel Ahmed, have stated that it would be wrong to solely blame the administration of President Bola Tinubu for the current economic woes.

Nigerians are facing rising costs of living and commodity prices due to economic reforms initiated by President Tinubu since he took office in May 2023.

These reforms, aimed at revitalizing the economy and attracting investment, have resulted in a short-term increase in living expenses. Among the harsh measures taken by the President was the elimination of fuel subsidies, which led to higher costs of living and transportation.

The NLC Chairman and APC Chieftain, who were guests on the television channel’s Politics Today program on Tuesday, responded to questions on their assessment of President Tinubu’s administration and urged the federal government to do more to reduce hardship.

Ajaero noted that inflation, the removal of fuel subsidy and the floating of the naira have contributed to Nigeria’s economic problems.

The NLC president stated: “The problem of this country began a long time ago, it began to decline, it declined until today. No one will make an honest assessment saying that it is this government that caused the problems. That would be wrong.

“But the essence of having another government is to correct the wrongs of the past. And I think that is the only premise that people blame the Tinubu government for. Because they are the people sitting there, today they are the people we are seeing.

“But let me say this: the pace at which inflation, the value of the naira and the PMS we are buying soared in this year caused alarm, and I think that is what people are saying. So we need to stabilize this to move forward and renew people’s confidence.”

For his part, the APC leader, who spoke after the NLC chairman, stressed that the difficult decisions taken by the current government were vital to the economic rejuvenation of the nation.

Ahmed said: “Difficult decisions were made. None of these decisions were promised during the campaign, not only by President Bola Tinubu but also by other candidates,” he said.

“We are in a situation where things have to be realigned. The president has made difficult decisions, he is uncomfortable and we are all feeling the pressure, but I will not say that the president should be blamed.”