Floreat mother and daughter warned to hide ahead of fatal shooting in Perth’s western suburbs

The gunman who shot and killed a mother and her teenage daughter in Perth’s wealthy western suburbs did so because he thought his ex-partner was at the property.

WARNING: This story contains details that may distress some readers.

The 63-year-old visited a house on Berkeley Crescent in Floreat on Friday afternoon looking for his ex-wife, but instead found the property’s 59-year-old owner and her teenage daughter.

Three forensic police officers leaned over objects near a police vehicle.

Forensic agents examine elements at the scene in Floreat.(ABC News: Julián Robins)

The ABC understands that the gunman’s ex-partner, who was a good friend of the family, had warned the women that the man was coming to the house and told them to hide.

WA Police Detective Inspector David Gorton said the man shot the mother and seriously injured her 18-year-old daughter.

He said police were on the street when the last shot was heard, which police believe was when the gunman turned the gun on himself.

The mother was pronounced dead at the scene and the younger woman was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital, but on Saturday morning it was confirmed she had died from her injuries.

Detective Inspector Gorton said the gunman was known to police but had no history of violence and was licensed to possess firearms in the state of WA.

He said support was being given to the victims’ family and the gunman’s ex-wife.

A WA Police detective named David Gorton speaks in front of the WA Police banner.

Detective Inspector David Gorton said the incident was not being treated as a domestic violence matter.(ABC News: Nicolás Perpitch)

“They are obviously very distressed by these circumstances and WA Police will be referring them for counselling,” he said.

“Any death is tragic, however, when it is a multiple murder, it has a greater impact on family, friends, first responders and certainly the community at large.”

Police and forensic vehicles parked on a suburban street with a man talking on the phone in the middle.

Police say they are still investigating the circumstances of the incident.(ABC News: Julián Robins)

Detective Inspector Gorton said investigations into the incident were ongoing but it was not being treated as a domestic violence matter because the victims were not related to the gunman.

‘Tight-knit’ community torn apart

A heavy police presence remains at the scene as investigators continue to piece together how the incident unfolded.

Speaking from her Floreat office on Saturday, Curtin MP Kate Chaney said many in the community were outraged by the incident.

Kate Chaney in a striped shirt talking to the media and making hand gestures.

Kate Chaney said people in the community were left “exhausted” and “angry” by the deaths.(ABC News: Julián Robins)

“Two women have lost their lives to a gunman, and it is a reminder that violence against women happens in every community, even right here in our backyard,” she said.

“Enough is enough. Many women I spoke to in my community last night and this morning feel exhausted and angry that more women are dying at the hands of a man.

“Men have to stop killing women.”

A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said the news of the mother’s death had affected her greatly.

A group of forensic police officers dressed in blue overalls in front of a house on a suburban street.

Police say the gunman was known to police.(ABC News: Julián Robins)

“It’s so horrible. She was such a beautiful mother, a truly beautiful lady,” he said.

“She’s been living there forever. We moved over ten years ago and she already lived there.

“Everyone on this street knows each other. We’re a very close-knit community… (it’s) that something so horrible has happened.”

Another resident said he knew the family “pretty well.”

“I’ve met the mother a few times, she’s a lovely person, so we wish the family well. People in this area are very nice, very friendly and yes, it’s sad,” he said.


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