Did Billie Eilish’s manager Danny Rukasin hint that Taylor Swift was blocking other artists’ work? Discover

Key points

  • Danny Rukasin’s commitment to a tweet criticizing Taylor Swift

  • The tweet accused Swift of strategically releasing music to upstage other artists.

There was a weekend of speculation on social media following the actions of Danny Rukasin, Billie Eilish’s manager. Rukasin liked, reposted, and then deleted a tweet accusing Taylor Swift of overshadowing other artists. According to the tweet, Taylor Swift deliberately avoids other musicians from having her time in the spotlight.

The story behind the tweet

@jdkaknak’s first post compared how Swift has allegedly been undermining her colleagues. She suggested that when Katy Perry released an album in June 2017, at that time Swift released all of her albums on Spotify. Similarly, when SZA was expected to remain at the top of the charts in January 2023, she reportedly sent out new versions of his albums to compete with them.

However, more recently, digital copies of The Tortured Poets Department were produced last month after Billie Eilish released Hit Me Hard & Soft. This made fans think it was an attempt to stop Eilish’s popularity.

The role and career of Danny Rukasin

For over twenty years, Danny Rukasin has been one of the biggest names in the music industry after starting his career as a trombone player with pop-punk band The Hippos in the late ’90s, before moving into conducting at full time in the early 2000s. .


In Los Angeles, there’s Best Friends Music, which he co-founded in 2019, which acts as both an artist management company and a record label. Billie Eilish and Finneas’ co-director with Brandon Goodman is Rukasin.

He also manages Bishop Briggs, Role Model, Oliver Riot, Jordan Suaste, flowerkid and Duo and The Gifted, among others. Thanks to his experience he enjoys great respect in show business circles.

Latest events and fan opinions.

Billie Eilish called it a waste to comment on multiple vinyl editions of songs by some musicians while talking about Taylor Swift without mentioning any names. She later clarified on Instagram that these comments were not intended for any particular person, but rather were referring to industry standards.

However, in May 2024 tensions flared again. On May 17, Eilish released a new album called Hit Me Hard & Soft. Five days later, Swift released bonus edits and remixes of her album The Tortured Poets Department, including a cover of her single Fortnight produced by BLOND:ISH, known as a climate activist.

Eilish’s fans thought it was a calculated move to overshadow Eilish’s release. The fact that Rukasin retweeted the critical tweet further fanned the flames. He claimed that Swift has been trying to prevent other musicians from making it in the industry. However, Rukasin’s subsequent elimination did little to quell the speculation.

The current issues between Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish have not attracted public statements from either party involved; Instead, Danny Rukasin’s actions along with fan theories have shown that there are still tensions in the music world due to rivalries and competition between players in this sector as events unfold.

Therefore, this incident reveals some of the dark behind-the-scenes truths involving musical competitors, as no one really knows what might be brewing next these days.