IFMGA guide publications on Everest ledge collapse expose dangers of overcrowding; two disappear | Current news

International Federation of Mountain Guides (IFMGA) guide Vinayak Malla shared a post on Instagram about a terrifying experience that a team of climbers, led by him, faced during their descent from Mount Everest. He shared snapshots of their triumphs and the challenges they faced, including overcrowding, chaos, tense moments and, sadly, deaths.

On May 21, 2024, at 6:00 am, Malla, along with a few other climbers, successfully reached the summit of the the highest peak in the world. However, his descent was marred by unexpected challenges.

The video captures the moments before and after the collapse, revealing the chaotic scene of an overcrowded ridge. Numerous climbers traverse a narrow snowy ridge, which finally gives way under the strain.

Malla described the summit ridge as noticeably different from previous experiences, with soft snow, numerous ledges and rock sections obscured by snow. The weather station was partially buried under snow, exacerbating the dangerous conditions.

Tragedy struck as the team navigated relegation. While crossing the famous Hillary Step, a ledge collapse occurred just meters away, putting four climbers in serious danger. But, luckily, they managed to tie themselves to safety ropes and execute a self-rescue. Unfortunately, two climbers are still missing after the incident.

In his post, Malla explained: “Many climbers were stuck in traffic and oxygen was running out. I was able to start opening up a new route so that downhill traffic could start moving slowly once again.” After a grueling descent, the team sought refuge at Camp 3 before returning safely to Base Camp on May 22.

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Three videos captured crucial moments of the expedition: one describing the conditions before the cornice collapseanother showing the aftermath and a third capturing the climbers’ progress after route repairs were completed.

The video and post have sparked waves of terror and concern on social media platforms around the world.

One user asked: “Makes you wonder how many of these “climbers” even know what a ledge is?” Another user commented: “”Traffic” and “Summit of Mount Everest” don’t really belong in the same sentence.” A third user said: “Wow. Thank you for sharing the entire experience so articulately. You are a brave guy to endure the surprise of the mountain and bring your companion back safely.” Another user wrote: “This is not the way. “This is unsustainable.”

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