Nazi salute and racist song in a club in Germany: a viral video provokes reactions on social networks, Internet users say they are “not surprised”

A viral video showing people singing racist lyrics and performing controversial Nazi salutes at a club on the northern German island of Sylt has sparked widespread outrage on social media. In the viral video, people can be seen modifying a popular song into a different version and chanting the Nazi slogan “Germany for the Germans, foreigners out.”

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The viral video shows a group of people partying on a German island and dancing together to the 2001 song L’amour Toujours by Italian musician Gigi D’Agostino. Although the song had no direct connection to the Nazis and Hitler, the crowd transformed its lyrics with an old Nazi slogan, “Germany for the Germans, out with the foreigners”, instead of the song’s apolitical lyrics.

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As the video focuses on a man dressed in a white shirt, he can be seen raising his right arm in an apparent Nazi salute. It is worth noting that it is illegal to recite these slogans and perform the salute in Germany. Several social media users expressed their surprise and disbelief at the act and criticized it.

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“I am very disgusted and deeply ashamed of the country I was born in. The direction we are going in is deeply worrying,” wrote one X user.

“People who love Hitler don’t represent the real Germany,” another X user commented.

“This is typical and very common in Germany. “I’m not surprised at all,” one user wrote.

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“If a foreigner says a single word supporting Gaza, they will be deported immediately, or even arrested, when they chant Nazi slogans, salute, 150 euros. Good job!”

“Meanwhile, the German government helps Israel commit genocide. “That’s called hypocrisy.”

Police in the state of Schleswig-Holstein have launched an investigation into the matter and are checking the film for “criminally relevant” content, The Guardian reported. Meanwhile, the owners of the Sylt bar and nightclub where the film was filmed have distanced themselves from the incident and are cooperating with the police investigation.

The motto “Germany, Germans and foreigners out” originated in the 19th century and was first used by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. These lines were also used as slogans by the far-right National Democratic Party.

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