Tinubu government has failed Nigerians: Yusuf Baba-Ahmed

Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, former vice-presidential candidate of the Labor Party, said the Tinubu-led administration failed to deliver on its campaign promises given the current economic state of the country.

He said that under the government’s watch, insecurity has worsened, the economy has declined and corruption is already in full swing.

Baba-Ahmed added that the Tinubu administration has thrown Nigerians into untold hardships.

“Where are the campaign promises of the current administration? What have they achieved?” -Datti-Ahmed asked.

“Look at the worsening insecurity, the declining economy and the aggravated corruption. “There is probably a grand plan to dismember Nigeria into six possibly autonomous zones because the only way to explain these failures is to take them and run,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said his party won the general election and could have done things differently.

He explained that the elections took a dramatic turn when results collection changed from iRev to manual, putting the election result in favor of the ruling party.

“I won’t stop saying it: Obi and I won the 2023 general election,” Datti-Ahmed said.

“iRev was turned off, results were returned manually, the Constitution was twisted, and the meaning of the English language was changed,” he added.

Speaking about the current discontent within the Labor Party on Arise TV, the former senator said the party is doing better than other opposition parties.

“The Labor Party is in a better state today than the CCP was in 2015,” Datti-Ahmed said.