County commissioners trained to implement climate change interventions

The government is strengthening the capacity of county commissioners through training to lead tree planting activities in their regions.

The exercise is being carried out jointly between the Ministries of the Interior and the Environment.

The training curriculum, co-created with the Kenya School of Government, will empower county commissioners in monitoring and reporting mechanisms for climate change interventions within their respective counties.

“The impacts of climate change are unprecedented: climate-induced extreme weather displaces more than a quarter of a million people and affects nearly half a million people in the country,” said Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo.

“As such, it is key to provide strategic preparedness and a coordination mechanism to support the efforts of the Ministry of Environment in the national implementation of climate change interventions,” he added.

He said that as a Ministry, through the National Climate Change Security Preparedness Program, they are committed to training officials and more than 15,000 National Government Administrative Officers (ONGA).

The training, he stated, is in line with the objective of the National Climate Change Security Preparedness Program to build the capacity of all ONGAOs for effective participation, stakeholder engagement and coordination in government programs on climate change.

Speaking in Nairobi, Omollo said it was important to foster an understanding of different ecosystems and actions to support climate resilient development and cooperation on shared resources.

Principal Secretary for Climate Change and Forestry, Gitonga Mugambi, emphasized the vital role that leadership and commitment play in the success and advancement of environmental conservation and climate action in the country.

“It is in this context that we are collaborating with other ministries to ensure smooth coordination and supervision of the tree plantation drive at the grassroots level, and we are confident that this collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs will effectively take these interventions forward,” he said. .

The renewed tree-planting efforts reflect Kenya’s commitment to achieving the United Nations-recommended minimum of 10 percent forest cover per country, a goal enshrined in national legislation.