Ireland will officially recognize the State of Palestine

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A pro-Palestinian march in Dublin earlier this month. Photo: Leah Farrell

Ireland is expected to officially recognize the State of Palestine tomorrow morning.

It is set to join two other EU countries in recognizing the war-torn country as an official state.

The Irish Government has expressed its intention to recognize Palestine as a state this month amid unprecedented attacks on the Gaza Strip by the Israel Defense Forces.

Former taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez raised questions months ago about the EU’s trade deals with Israel as the war in Gaza continued.

Varadkar’s successor, Simon Harris, has spoken with Sánchez about Ireland and Spain’s recognition of Palestine as a state.

Norway, Malta and Slovenia have also signaled that they are considering granting full statehood to Palestine.

It is understood that two more EU states will recognize Palestine as a state tomorrow morning.

Other like-minded countries are expected to follow in Ireland’s footsteps in the coming weeks, but the Government has decided that now is the time for Ireland to recognize Palestine.

The Coalition faces local and European elections in just over three weeks.

The move comes after the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and senior members of Hamas.

Meanwhile, in an online video aimed at Ireland, Israel’s Foreign Ministry warned that recognizing a Palestinian state “will lead to more terrorism” and “endanger any prospects for peace.”

The narrator says: “Ireland, the possibility of recognizing a Palestinian state risks becoming a pawn in the hands of Iran and Hamas.

“Such a move will only strengthen Hamas and weaken an already dysfunctional Palestinian authority.

“The fact that Hamas leaders are thanking them should serve as a wake-up call.

“Their actions will only fuel extremism and instability.

“Progress can only be achieved through direct negotiations within a broader regional context.

“Do not be pawns in the hands of Hamas. Say no to recognition.”