Marko contradicts Verstappen after worrying Red Bull day

Dr Helmut Marko has contradicted Max Verstappen’s claims about Red Bull’s worrying day at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Verstappen finished 11th and fourth in the two sessions in Monte Carlo, but complained of bouncing “like a kangaroo” and claimed he was left with “headaches” as a result.

After FP2, he suggested that “there is no clear direction or solution for the weekend to try and resolve something like this” and that the problems were not set-up related.

However, motorsports advisor Marko denies these claims.

“All that time? We didn’t waste much time and we didn’t use the same engine modes as the others,” Marko explained to motorsports magazine with Verstappen almost half a second behind Charles Leclerc in FP2.

“The car bounces too much, it’s true, but we recorded very good times on the long runs and, in addition, the car bounces less with a lot of fuel on board.

“But that’s of no use if you don’t start from the front.

“Max needs confidence. When the car jumps up and down like a kangaroo, you don’t know where it’s going to jump.

“He already hit the wall, so there is work to do to minimize the rebound, but he definitely has speed.”

Leclerc’s favorite

Marko made Leclerc the favorite for pole position at the Monegasque’s home race, as his FP2 time was actually faster than Verstappen’s pole effort in 2023, but he still felt Red Bull was improving between sessions.

“We have made progress between the first and second sessions,” he added.

“Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Leclerc also started the engine, we were closer to Leclerc in the second session, although he is still the favorite (for pole).”