Raisi’s helicopter caught fire after crashing, no signs of attack

Iran: Raisi's helicopter caught fire after crashing, no signs of attack

A woman cries during a mourning ceremony for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in central Tehran on May 20, 2024. Iranian state media reported on May 24 that investigators found no evidence that Raisi’s helicopter was attacked earlier crashing in a remote area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIran.

The helicopter carrying Iran’s late president Ebrahim Raisi caught fire shortly after crashing into a mountain and there were no signs it had been attacked, state media reported, citing military crash investigators.

The statement from the General Staff of the Armed Forces in charge of investigating the accident was read on state television on Thursday night.

The first statement about the accident did not blame anyone, but said more details would be known after further investigation.

Raisi, the country’s foreign minister and six other people were killed in Sunday’s accident.

The statement from the General Staff indicated that communications between the control tower and the helicopter crew before the accident did not contain anything suspicious.

He said that the last communication from the crashed helicopter was between him and two helicopters accompanying him about 90 seconds before the crash.

There were no signs that anything had been fired at the helicopter and its flight path did not change, according to the statement.

The old Bell helicopter crashed on Sunday in a remote, foggy mountainous region of northwestern Iran. The crash site was discovered Monday morning with all eight people on board dead.

Raisi was buried in a grave at the Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad on Thursday.