Government warns against overloading drought relief

OSHAKATI – While the government is aware of the demand for drought relief, the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has warned against mass registration of drought relief food, which the program may not be able to cater for.

OPM Disaster Risk Management Directorate Deputy Director of Support Services Flory Ashipala said drought relief affects everyone, but there are those who are in critical need of food, and those are the people The program aims to serve.

“As much as we want to include new beneficiaries, we must also be careful not to register more people or too many people that we will not have enough to serve under the program,” Ashipala said.

According to recent statistics, in Oshana there are more than 83,600 people in need of food. Ashipala spoke at a recent meeting with Oshana regional leadership, including the disaster risk management team.

The meeting, led by Deputy Prime Minister John Mutorwa, aimed to exchange views and assess how the distribution of drought in the region is progressing. He advised the commission in charge of food distribution to always apply the law. He also called on the regions to always be prepared, since “disasters do not warn people.”

“When disasters come, they don’t warn anyone. So let us put these structures in place so that people can be alert when a disaster strikes,” Mutorwa said.

Other issues raised at the meeting by electoral councilors include less food being delivered to the region compared to those who need it, orphan-headed households with no additional income, and larger households receiving the same number of meals as those with fewer beneficiaries. .

He also called for proper coordination between all government programs that help vulnerable communities so that they can be better assisted.

*Nusita Ashipala is MICT information officer in Oshana.