Confirm there are 46,000 JSS teachers, not 26,000 – Narok Kuppet officials

He asked the TSC president and commission to consider compensating student teachers to enable them to return to classes.

The unionist added that most of the JSS interns are depressed due to poor pay and are joining the interns to fight for their rights.

“Paying 17,000 shillings to teachers is not enough,” he said.

Ngeno vowed to continue protests and said demonstrations could soon become a daily occurrence until their grievances are addressed.

“We will soon increase the number of days on the streets until TSC listens to their demands because it seems that the teachers’ employer will only listen when learning stops and that is the direction we are forced to take,” Ngeno said.

“Parliament should use the budget process that is currently underway to allocate funds for the confirmation and compensation of teachers and we will not accept confirmation of just 26,000, but all 46,000 should be confirmed once,” he said.

Another official, Siele Towett, lamented that if the government needs the CBC education system to function properly, then it has to respond to all the demands raised by the interns.

“Most of these CBC teachers are paid only Sh17,000 and are depressed due to underpayment. The government should confirm them for permanent positions to ensure that the CBC functions properly,” Towett said.

Trans Mara East sub-county TSC director Peter Mwangi, upon receiving the petition, asked teachers to be patient while the government works on their application.

He said the government had heard their demands and would act at the appropriate time.