Our benefits are still pending payment despite Bawumia’s guarantees

Nursing students were expecting to be paid their subsidy arrears last week following assurances from Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia who was approached by a student during a campaign tour about non-payment of their subsidy.

On the ground, he assured that he would take up the matter with the Minister of Finance to ensure payment of the trainees.

In a later comment at another event, he revealed that money had been released for payments from Thursday last week.

However, the umbrella body for nurses and midwives in training has revealed that payments have not yet been reflected in its accounts.

In a statement issued on Monday, May 20, the Coalition of Concerned Trainee Nurses and Midwives said: “Despite the Vice President’s announcement more than nineteen days ago, no payments have been made or information provided regarding the disbursement process.

“The government’s inability to comprehensively address these backlogs continues to be a burden on our future healthcare professionals.”

The coalition also noted that the 177 million Ghana Cedi announced by Dr. Bawumia is “woefully inadequate” to cover the number of months owed to them.”

“The recently released GHC117 million covers only 11.5% of the total arrears, which is woefully insufficient. Furthermore, 30% of the scholarship recipients, some 17,430 students, have never received any subsidy. The arrears of this group alone amount to GHC 209.16 million, which exceeds even the paltry GHC 177 million.

“This calculation does not include the 30% of scholarship recipients who have never received any subsidy, which amounts to an additional 209,160,000 shillings. Therefore, the minimum total arrears required is GHC 209.16 million,” the statement added.

The Minister of Health, Bernard Okoe Boye, assured for his part that the Government will end up settling the arrears, unlike the previous administration which completely eliminated payments.