Dad’s wild gardening hack stuns Aussies: ‘This is dangerous’

A man’s inventive solution to trimming a tall hedge in his front garden has been branded the definition of “work smarter, not harder” — but not everyone agrees that it’s a safe move.

In a four-minute video posted by the unnamed man’s daughter, he is seen trimming the top of a hedge with a lawn mower attached to a crane. The wild move has left many wondering if it is “crazy” or “genius”.

“So I’m visiting my parents and my dad wanted me to check out how he trims his hedge,” the Queensland woman said at the beginning of her video. “Apparently, it involves this truck, and his crane.”

The dad is seen attaching the lawn mower’s handle to the crane hook before he lines the mower up with the top of the hedge. Once it’s in place, he then drives the truck along the hedge line as the mower shaves off the top layer of leaves.

“Oh my god,” she says, reacting to her dad’s hack. He then drives around the garden to make a second attempt at the hedge – in doing so, he walks under the mower. “This is dangerous,” the daughter says.

Aussies were quick to react to the footage – with one wondering if the move is “crazy, or genius, or both.”

“He’s an ideas man,” laughed one viewer, with another branding him a “legend.”

“Now that’s initiative,” said another, adding “Good on ya.”

“Work smarter, not harder,” added a third.

It’s not the first time that a gardener has been spotted using a lawn mower in a unique way.

One “clever” Aussie man unveiled what he says is the “greatest gardening hack of all time” earlier this month, revealing the inventive way he manages to fit all of his backyard trimmings into his overflowing green bin.

Sydney gardener and popular social media personality Nathan Stafford, of Nathan’s Lawns and Gardens, uploaded a video to fans showing how he squeezes a mountain of off-cuts and trimmings into his full green kerbside bin, which otherwise would’ve completely overflowed.

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